Event Rules

Event Rules & Regulations


We accept that unforeseen circumstances may require the withdrawal of a team, though in most cases team members can just be substituted.

Competitors who withdraw up to 2 weeks prior to race day will receive a refund less a $35 admin fee per person.

No refunds will be given after 29th June 2018.

There will be no refund given if the race is cancelled due to severe weather or unforeseen circumstances. 

Cancellation is at the race directors' discretion and in the interest of participants safety. The race directors have the right to change/modify the course if deemed necessary

  • Teams will encounter a variety of activities that will present some level of risk. The highest risk to the event is those activities that individuals need to manage their own safety is Mountain Biking.
  • Teams must ride in control at all time. Competitors must follow the course designed by the race director and must comply with the spirit of the competition. Any team found off the course without any suitable explanation could lead to severe penalties or disqualification.
  • Team members must stay together and in sight of one another (with no more than 100m separating the leading member and trailing team member) at all times.
  • Teams MUST visit checkpoints together.
  • Race numbers must be worn at all times and be able to be seen clearly.
  • Teams must carry a spot tracker allocated to them throughout the race. The spot trackers are the property of SPOT NZ and must be returned to the finish line. Any teams losing their spot tracker a will incur an $80 replacement fee per item lost. 
  • Parts of the event may be on open public roads. NO roads are closed for this event, so normal road rules apply at all times. 
  • You are responsible for your own safety. 
  • Navigation is by means of a compass, GPS units are not permitted - not even on your phones.
  • Cell phones must be fully charged, turned OFF and carried in sealed watertight bags. They may only be opened and turned on to use in the case of an emergency.
  • Any complaints in respect to breaches in the race rules must be reported in writing to the Race Director within one hour of a team finishing.
  • All teams must finish the course within the 6 hours allotted; failing to do so will mean that the team will earn negative points relative to the amount of time that a team is overdue.
  • The organisation reserves the right to impose cut-off times on sections of the race for logistical and safety reasons, at any time. An alternative route will be put in place for the teams who haven't made cut-off times. This route is set in advance and must be followed. Subsequent cut-off times will also be put in place for that altered course.
  • If a team member is injured and unable to continue team must use their Spot Trackers to call for assistance. Teams can use their phone if they have coverage to call the race management 0273 6000 86.
  • If one or two of the team members withdraw during the event, teams can continue with 3 or 2 team members respectively with Race Directors permission but will be unranked. The SPOT unit, Scoring device and teams shared compulsory gear must be carried to the finish with the remaining racing team members – The team must also notify the official at the finish line the number in their team. 
  • Any complete team withdrawing from the event must notify the race director and nearest event marshal (MA) or event staff immediately. The withdrawing team MUST also visit the race finish line to notify the official at the finish line and return their teams SPOT unit Scoring device.
  • All timing chips and SPOT units must be returned at the end of the event. Failure to do so will incur a fee. 
  • Please leave any gates as you find them, if in doubt, close it. 
  • Any competitor who intentionally drops any rubbish or intentionally damages property will be disqualified.
  • No dogs allowed at the event

  • The course is made up of checkpoints (CP’s) that competitors must visit as a whole team. 
  • Checkpoints maybe manned and unmanned. 
  • A transition area (TA) is not only a checkpoint but also an assistance area where the support crew meet their teams and aid their teams to change discipline, give medical care, food and supplies.
  • Checkpoints and Transitions are noted on competitors’ and support crew’ notes. Each checkpoint has a points value, and teams must click their timing chips as proof (ensure your timing chip beeps!) some of these checkpoints are compulsory (CP) Missing a compulsory checkpoint will result in the team being unranked. Some checkpoints (OCP) and/or activities (OA) are optional.
  • Transitions (TA): The complete team must enter and exit all TA’s together through the marshal point – checking in and also out respectively. Any team not checking in and also out of TA’s will be ranked below all teams that have checked in and out of TA’s. 
  • Teams must complete activities according to the written instructions of the task – any modification to activities due to weather or safety will be done by the race director, with modified instructions given to the marshal. 
  • Rules surrounding any commercial activities must be adhered to by all teams. Teams must also follow instructions from event staff / marshals and event signs encountered throughout the course of the event. 
  • Team members must stay together and in sight of one another (with no more than 100m separating the leading member and trailing team member) at all times. Teams MUST visit checkpoints together. 

I accept the conditions of entry, while recognizing and agreeing that taking part in this event inherently risky and physically challenging. I attest to having read all information supplied in the entry form, website or event programme, and enter this event knowing full well the risks and demands involved. Therefore I take personal responsibility for my fitness, experience and actions during this event. As such, I discharge the event organizer, sponsor and all other persons involved in the event of any liability, claims or damages relating to personal injury, loss or damage of equipment, or any matter arising from the event. I understand that in the event of fire, earthquake, flooding and/or other ‘Acts of God’ the event may be postponed or cancelled without refund. I authorize my name, voice and picture to be used without payment in any capacity relating to the event.

The following is the gear list that is compulsory for each team! You must bring it with you for the gear check at race registration. You MUST carry compulsory gear with you at all times on the course with the exception of the specialized bike equipment. There will be random gear checks during the event. 
Compulsory Equipment 2018
  • Suitable backpack
  • Sufficient food and water
  • First Aid Kit (please make sure this is a comprehensive kit) 1 per team
  • Compass 2 per team
  • Lighter or waterproof matches 1 per team
  • Survival Blanket 1 per member
  • Polypropylene top – long Sleeves 1 per member
  • Polypropylene bottom – long pants 1 per member
  • Fleece Top (100 series weight min) long sleeves 1 per member
  • Fleece or woollen hat 1 per member
  • Whistle 1 per member
  • Polypropylene or wool gloves 1 pair each
  • Waterproof Jacket 1 per member
  • Multipurpose knife (eg swiss army) 1 per team
  • Cell Phone (fully charged battery) 1 per team
  • Headlamp or torch with new batteries 1 per member
Additional equipment for activity:
  • Mountain Bike (in good working order) 1 per member**
  • Cycle Helmet (Please make sure this is suitable for Mountain Biking) 1 per member Rear red strobe lights (flashing) 1 per bike
  • Front Light 1 per bike 
  • Repair kit, pump and spare tubes (not compulsory but recommended)
 **not required at gear check 

Suggested First Aid: Alcohol wipes (10), Tweezers, Betadine for grazes, Crepe bandages (1x10 cm; 1x15 cm), Saline (30 ml), Triangular bandages cloth (2) (sterile), Pain relief (e.g. Paracetamol), Plastic strip dressing (10–12 band aids), Antihistamine cream (10),Dressing strip, Non-adherent sterile dressings (3 large), Gauze dressings (6) Wound dressing (size 15, sanitary pad), Disposable CPR face shield, Sticking tape (1 roll), Safety pins, Butterfly closures (1 pouch), Needle, Scissors, Notebook, Pencil, Disposable gloves.  

You should carry out the following Safety Checks on your mountain bike; Cycle Helmet – safe to wear and no cracks in cover. Head set is tight. Brakes work. Wheels are safe. Tires are in a safe condition. Nothing is bent on bike. 

Printable file:


All competitors must:
  • Know how to swim 
  • Attend race briefing (no exceptions). 
  • Be familiar with the SPOT trackers Sign the waiver. 
  • Must have trained sufficiently to complete a 6-hour non-stop adventure race competition such as The HBAR (Teams should contact the race director for advice).  
The organisation reserves the right, after consulting the medical team, or for any other reason deemed suitable by the Race Director, to forbid a competitor, or a team, from setting off or continuing on the course.  

 All teams are to disclose any health issues in the entry form documents. Competitors are expected to take precautions, manage their condition, and take personal medications. The Event Director reserves the right to refuse entry to a participant if they believe a condition presents a real risk to a competitor’s safety during the event.

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